Osteopathy for pregnant mums

Is pregnancy causing you painful discomfort?

Then we can probably help.

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A Range of Treatments to Keep Expectant Mums Pain Free

Osteopathy can relieve many of the common and distracting conditions associated with pregnancy, and the corresponding changes in your body, to give you better quality time during this special period. At Dorchester Osteopaths our practitioners apply their specialist training in obstetric osteopathy in the care of pregnant mums.

We can treat:

  • Low back, leg, neck and shoulder pain
  • Pelvic pain/symphysis pubis dysfunction
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • General aches and pains – by relieving the physical strain on organs and tissues caused by postural, hormonal and emotional changes to your body
  • Indigestion/heartburn – by reducing tension in the diaphragm caused by the expansion of the uterus
  • Varicose veins and haemorrhoids – by releasing tension in the pelvis and diaphragm and improving the return of venous blood to the heart from the lower body
  • Breathing difficulties – by working on the whole rib cage to realise full lung capacity, which can be inhibited by postural changes


  • When I was pregnant with my second child I developed a painful condition, symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), where I could not walk due to pain in my pelvis. I was told by medics that I might need a walking stick toward the end of my pregnancy. I was already a patient of Sam Middlehurst, one of the few practitioners who is skilled, willing and able to treat pregnant women, and she was confident she could help. As a consequence of only a few treatments I was completely better and could walk easily. I was so pleased; it made all the difference to me especially as I had a toddler to look after as well!
    Mrs S, Dorset