Covid-19 policy

Please do not attend the clinic if you have tested positive or if you have had any symptoms in the last five days.

While mask-wearing & self-isolation are no longer legally required, as we are a health clinic where the passing on of infection from our patients can leave the osteopath unable to work and put our more vulnerable patients at risk, we ask that you help us to keep the clinic open & reduce the spread of infection by:

– contacting us to rearrange your appointment if you feel unwell in any way (mild cold, cough, sore throat, headache, fatigue, loss of sense of smell, upset stomach etc) or if you test positive in the 5 days before your appointment

– completing our screening forms before appointments


Risk mitigations: Our clinic rooms are well-ventilated with trickle vents & windows open and with extra ventilation between patients via open doors. UKHSA guidelines have been updated for all healthcare environments meaning that masks, gloves & aprons need only be worn by healthcare practitioners on a risk-assessed basis where contact with blood or body fluids are likely, which is not relevant in osteopathic practice (other than for treating babies) so we will not be wearing masks, gloves or aprons unless you ask us to.

Hand hygiene is important in avoiding many infections and we will continue to provide alcohol sanitiser on entry to the clinic for your optional use as well as using it frequently ourselves.

We maintain a cleaning regime in line with current UKHSA advice which recommended reverting to ‘standard’ rather than ‘enhanced’ cleaning procedures in primary care environments in light of evidence about lack of transmission risks from contact with surfaces (Covid-19 is a respiratory virus spread by droplets we inhale from the air we breathe, not something we can catch by touching hard or soft surfaces).

We are constantly reviewing these arrangements in line with advice from our professional body, the Institute of Osteopathy and will update this page when either Government guidance or UKHSA policy changes again.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.